Audio Modeling is a music and audio software company founded by Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini in 2017, after more than seven years of incessant and fruitful work together on multi-vector expressive acoustic instruments emulation.

The Mission of Audio Modeling is to produce and offer to the market top-quality virtual instruments, effects and any kind of music and audio tools which can help composers, musicians and producers in their job.


SWAMSynchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling – is a technology conceived by Stefano Lucato and developed by Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini.

SWAM uses real instruments samples as raw material, chromatically performed by professional musicians on a wide dynamic range. The resulting timbre is therefore the same as the real instrument, but the analogy with samples-based libraries is just that.

The proprietary SWAM technology, using advanced processing techniques, allows you to morph the sound and interpolate it continuously between different “vectors”, such as time, dynamics, pitch, formants, sub-harmonics, overtones, and so on, thus giving the user the opportunity to play under its control the broadest possible range of articulations never reached before, and above all in real-time.

Website: www.swamengine.com